Good Times

Kitchen Disco Ahoy! This Good Times, tea towel will make you want to listen to the Chic song it’s named after while you scrub your greasy pots, shake your lettuce or flambè your Creme Brulèe.

Who say’s the drudgery of life can’t be brightened up? I love to bring a little bit of art joy into those everyday tasks, lets celebrate drying up, it’s not a chore ( oh but it is)! I can’t but help, think of my Irish Mother, the lilt of her voice as she’d say “ If you can’t do it with good grace, then don’t do it at all”, she loved a nice tea towel and a gallon of tea a day.

MIX and Match

Want one of each or whatever mix you fancy? To mix and match, simply chose the 2 or 3 option and send me a note of your preferred design choices.

Also available as a print, just give me a shout.

Delivery Free Within The UK Size 50 x 78 cm Media Tea towel Surface 100% Cotton Style Disco Spin Framed No Prints From £13


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