Robin and Pal

Bird really is the word for me, I can’t get enough of our little feathered friends and love to draw and paint them. This little Robin and Pigeon friend have a touch of the 1950s about them an era whose design I particularly like.

Who say’s the drudgery of life can’t be brightened up? I love to bring a little bit of art joy into those everyday tasks, lets celebrate drying up, it’s not a chore ( oh but it is)! I can’t but help, think of my Irish Mother, the lilt of her voice as she’d say “ If you can’t do it with good grace, then don’t do it at all”, she loved a nice tea towel and a gallon of tea a day.

MIX and Match

Want one of each or whatever mix you fancy? To mix and match, simply chose the 2 or 3 option and send me a note of your preferred design choices.

Also available as a print, just give me a shout.

Delivery Free Within The UK Size 50 x 78 cm Media Tea towel Surface 100% Cotton Framed No Prints From £13


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