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My work reflects my relationship with the natural world and the emotions it inspires, I’m a nature junkie, you’ll find me staring at a rain drop on a leaf……..I’m also a massive lover of music, going out dancing and having a wild time, caught up in the moment, under the glitter of the mirror ball. I’m interested in detail and embellishment, order and chaos.  I look at my subject matter and think about how many different ways it can be represented.  Representation itself fascinates me.  You can approach one subject matter through a prism of ideas. I’m obsessed with the artistic brain, what makes it tick and love the doors that are being opened through current neuroscience research. If I’m painting a blackbird, I’m thinking about his song, the way it makes me feel and the frenetic energy and interaction that can be seen by observing another species, that inhabits our shared world. I’m a big lover of colour always looking for balance and harmony, but pulling in the odd discordant note to tie in the composition.  I love bright, edgy, florals and fuse them with elements from different eras. Life is full of contradictions, but for me, love, equality and kindness are the keys to live by.

Here's where I work

The studio

The studio





May 2017 Roundhay Artists Open Studios
April 2017 Chirpy, Chapelallerton, Leeds. Artist in Residence.
May 2016 Roundhay Artists Open Studios.
Feb 2016 Opposite Cafe
Sept 2015 Chapelallerton Art trail
Sept 2007 Arts Cafe, Leeds
Sept 2003 Flowerbomber solo show, The Reform, Leeds.With The Leeds13 collective
2000 A Play on Grass, residency and exhibition, Batofar, Paris.*
1999 A Christmas Pudding for Henry, Henry Moore Institute and LMU Gallery, Leeds.*
1999 The Degree Show, West Riding House, Leeds.*
1999 Go Away: Artists and Travel. Royal College of Art Galleries, London.*
1998 Going Places, (Spanish Holiday Hoax). East St. Studios, Leeds and Bradford Airport.*

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