Dance With Me

It’s got to be one of my fave feelings of all time, whether you are up close and personal with the one you love, or getting down with your crowd, finding a connection, feeling the groove, dancing with a stranger, whatever floats your music boat, however you follow the call of the disco ball, there are those moments when you just want to say “Dance with me”

Sometimes the music just makes you do it, eyes meet, limbs connect, inhibitions go, you surrender to the beat and it’s a whirlwind of pleasure, super alive, electricity in the air, maybe you go home alone, maybe you don’t. There is magic and you will smile about it quietly when you need to.

So what you waiting for, just ask!!!!!

Can’t help thinking of Dizzee Rascal when I think of the words Dance With Me, his ‘Dance Wiv Me’ say’s it all………LOVE THAT TUNE, just put it on to write this!!!

Music is life!