Nitro Deluxe

This one is a little bit trippy and that’s how I felt when I first heard ‘Let’s Get Brutal’ by Nitro Deluxe back in the day, when I just used to go out and drink orange juice and dance . It was one of those tunes that just took your mind away to another place. In honour of all those nights that got a bit blurry at the edges. Hot clubs, toilet queue chatathons, dancing through until dawn, old friends, new friends and those night family, people that bring joy and laughter.

After parties, dark corners, bodies moving to the beat, a time when close proximity was the norm and yes, you’d probably get a bit of spit in your face from random strangers as you shouted conversations, competing with the bass that was shaking your ribcage……ahhhhhh memory lane, crowded, sweaty, shiny, love……..

This one works best with hand finished elements, lots of gold and silver leaf and colour boosts.
Made to order, so uniquely done for you.