Twilight ( the remix)

You can see the original hanging out with it’s little cousin remix in the product gallery.

I put as much love and care into the remix prints as I do the originals, I’m a detail freak and no two hand finished prints are ever the same, I never had the patience to do twins.

Named in honour of the ground breaking tune of 1985, Twilight by the total genius of Frankie Beverly and Maze, what a tune. I’m showing my age now, but remember rushing to HMV to buy the 12’in , it was also the year I left school. I’ve just listened to it, while writing this post and now I’m tuned into ‘Joy and Pain’ it always feels like my tune, but hey! I’m not alone there. Music makes me who I am and my heart is jumping with joy thinking about all those people I’ve known and know who love music.