Hello,  I’m Sarah Thornton.

THE DISCO BALLS ARE  PRINTS  <  NOT ORIGINALS < HAVING ISSUES CHANGING  THE POSTS > SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION> GETTING IT SORTED> ASAP!Welcome to my colourful world of art. From the joy of the togetherness you get dancing under the glints of the disco ball, to the delight of those moments when you tune into the macro and micro pleasures of nature’s abundance, I’m obsessed with capturing the essence of these feelings. Nature, music, art, the experiences that bring us as together as a global family. We all need somewhere to escape from time to time.

Here’s some of my work.

Ibiza Dreaming Original: Available
Electric Boogie Original: Available
After Dark Original: Available
24 in Give me the Night Original: Available
12in Give the Night Original: Available

Hello, here’s about me

My work reflects my relationship with the natural world and the emotions it inspires. I’m interested in detail and embellishment, order and chaos.  I look at my subject matter and think about how many different ways it can be represented….

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